ScottsdaleRd is the major road of Scottsdale, AZ, named after the city of which it centrally intersects. Scottsdale is the wealthiest and most desireable city in AZ which boosts the importance of Scottsdale Rd. Along it can be found Fashion Square, an upscale, contemporary shopping complex with 200+ brand-name stores and restaurants, historic Old Town Scottsdale with southwest handicrafts, lively Downtown Scottsdale and Arts District. Nightlife, food, shops and luxury homes run it's length as well as the largest medical district in the county. Bound by the Salt River in the south it intersects major east/west Route 202.

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Fashion Square, Old Town Scottsdale, Downtown Scottsdale, the Entertainment District, luxury hotels, eateries and restaurants, spas, resorts, Medical Centers, banks, auto-centers, the Salt River, Route 202, and close proximity to golf courses.